California Girl meets Vampira?

Katy Perry's hair boo-boo!

BY:  | June 19, 2012

Oh no, didn’t anyone ever tell Katy Perry not to mix her blacks and her blues?

Katy usually knows how to rock color that’s out of the ordinary. She has sported ‘dos of all different shapes and sizes: baby pink and bright blue bobs—she has even tried a purple and blue streaked ponytail! To say she “pulled these looks off” would be a HUGE understatement.

However, I’m not really digging this whole vampira look that Katy displayed at the MuchMusic Video Awards this Sunday. If anyone could make the navy blue and black thing work, it would be her. But, I don’t think these extra short bangs were ever meant to meet this strange take on the ombre trend.

Nonetheless, you’ve got to give a girl props for trying. No one will ever say Katy Perry isn’t bold.

Do you like Katy’s new ‘do? Tell us what you think!

Jag Gundu/Getty Images.

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