Kate Middleton Gets Bangs!

Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge actually changed up her royal 'do. Thoughts?

BY:  | November 28, 2012

Kate Middleton is always making headlines for her fabulous wardrobe, but this time, her hair is the mane topic! The trendsetting Duchess of Cambridge actually decided to shake things up and add some bangs (or “fringe” as they call it across the pond) to her signature look. Now, her royal ‘do features long, sweeping pieces that graze her eyes and blend into her layers. We have a hunch that it was one of her long-time stylists—Richard Ward or James Pryce—who made the cut.

It’s a pretty slight change—her long length, chocolate brown color and lush curls are still looking as perfect and shiny as ever—but this is the first time Kate has done anything to noticeably alter her royal locks in years. Allegedly, when an onlooker complimented the Duchess on her new look, she replied, “I’m not so sure about it. It’s a bit windy today!” Kate may be on the fence, but I am definitely Team Fringe—they flatter her face shape and add a trendy but feminine touch to her timeless look. And hey, even a princess must like a little change every once in a while.

I would bet my entire hair product collection that since the Duchess’ ‘do debut, girls from all corners of the earth have been sprinting to their salons, asking for Kate-inspired fringe of their own. And I’m not just saying that because I’m about to book an appointment with my stylist right now…

Tell Us: What do you think of Kate Middleton’s new bangs? Do you think she’ll keep them or grow ’em out?


Danny Martindale/Getty Images.

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