Male Call: Bachelor Ben’s TresS-O-S!

A huge fan of the show (watched every season!), but 1 thing I'm not...

BY:  | March 13, 2012

Last night, Ben picked Courtney (which we all knew  would happen) & I’m not even going to comment on all the controversy. Instead, let’s get to the most important flaw on this season’s The Bachelor: Ben’s hair!

Can we just talk about Ben’s shaggy mop? His hair has been absolutely driving me mad ever since the premiere back in Jan & I know I’m not the only one. The floppy layers look perpetually messy and all I want to do is take some shears and cut his hair (or at least send him to a celeb-frequented salon). The constant tears, drama and wine-fueled feuding should have been over who the lucky girl was who got to groom Ben…not have him as their groom!



Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.