I-Tried-It Tues: LOVE* Beauty Cleanse

Does a 1 day juice/beauty cleanse really work? Yes!

BY:  | September 25, 2012

Lately, it seems like everyone’s jumping on the juicing bandwagon! Have you ever tried one? I did a 3 day juice-only cleanse last year and it was a great way to reboot. While I’m typically a pretty healthy gal (eating a clean, mainly unprocessed vegan diet & hitting the gym and yoga studio daily) this past month has been a whirlwind of Fashion Week, Birthday (mine) & Bachelorette (friends) party treats & indulgences…so what better way to kick all the junk to the curb than by trying out a new-t0-me cleanse?

Organic Avenue (organicavenue) is known for their LOVE*: Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience. plant-based nutrition programs, including a LOVE* Easy, raw food cleanse, LOVE* Fast juice, soup, salad cleanse, LOVE* Deep All Liquid Cleanse & LOVE* Beauty with Tata Harper skincare (which is what I opted for). The juices are hydraulically extracted through a First-Cold-Press-Process*, meaning your nutritious juices arrive full of good enzymes and last for up to 96 hours.

Juicin’ 101:

I picked up my neatly packaged box yesterday morning on the way to work & promptly stashed them in the fridge (they’re perishable, so keep ’em refrigerated!).

*First up, a Chlorophyll booster shot. Admittedly, this was not my favorite taste; on the plus side, it’s a shot so it goes down quickly & helps fight infection, heal wounds, promotes health of the circulatory, digestive, immune, and detoxification systems.

*Half an hour later, I had Juice #1, the Orange Juice which is just what you’d expect, delish & fresh 100% organic orange juice.

*Juice #2, Mellow Love, came an hour and a half later (the recommended spacing between juices) and it’s power-packed blend of antioxidants, folate, vitamin K and vitamin C and has Romaine, Celery, Spinach, Cucumber, Parsley.

*The Master Tonic (Purified Alkaline Water, Lemon Juice, Coconut Sugar, Cayenne Pepper) was Juice #3, designed to hydrate cells with lemon rinsing the organs and spicy (I love spicy food, so I loved this kick) cayenne to burn out toxins.

*Juice #4, Veggie Vibrance (Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Beet, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Lemon, Ginger, Parsley) was my least favorite of the juices, although I can’t figure out exactly why since I do like beets.

*Next, Juice #5, the Green Love, was packed with more good-for-you greens including Kale, Celery, Romaine, Cucumber, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Collard Greens, Pear, Lemon, Parsley with a major dose of vitamins, minerals and detoxifiers. I definitely felt more energized after this drink.

*The finale, Juice #6, Almond Mylk, is made with Purified Alkaline Water and Almonds; it’s rich in Vitamin E and was a soothing end to the veggie-heavy day.

The Deets: In between juices, I drank tons of water and decaf herbal tea, so I didn’t feel hungry and by the mid-afternoon I definitely felt lighter. I also did a modified gym session in the morning (40 min on the elliptical) and a yoga class (hour & 25 min) in the evening. Once I got home, I did the beauty portion, the Tata Harper Skin Cleanse, including 1 regenerating cleanser, 1 expandable cleaning sponge, 1 resurfacing mask and 1 specially formulated detox tea bag to create an at-home detox sauna. The easy-to-follow instructions are basically foolproof: boil water with the floral sachet and while it’s boiling wet the sponge and use the cleanser. Rinse off, fill a bowl with the water/floral sachet mixture, apply the mask and hold your face above (at least 12 inches away!) the steaming bowl with a towel over your head to create a sauna-like effect. The formulas help pull out all the ick from your pores and help increase the skin’s detoxification process. My skin felt and looked brighter immediately following the treatments.

Today: Best of all, I woke up this morning without my alarm, felt recharged and when I got the locker room, the scale reported I was 3 1/2 lbs lighter!

Nab It: The LOVE* Beauty Cleanse (OrganicAvenue.com/love_beauty) is available for $69/day & includes the 1-Day LOVE* Deep Cleanse and Tata Harper Skin Cleanse. You can also opt for 3 days of the beauty cleanse for $199.