Must-Have Monday: Infinity Sun Glow-On-The-Go!

Forget fake 'n baking...get bronzed, radiant skin the safe way this winter!

BY:  | November 12, 2012

When you’re out and dressed to the nines, what is that final touch that really makes you feel your beautiful best? Taylor Swift’s look isn’t complete without her signature red lips; Kim K won’t hit the red carpet without her black eyeliner. Then there’s me, who firmly believes that LBD perfection simply cannot be achieved without a glowing tan.

That’s why this season, Infinity Sun Glow-On The-Go Sunless Tanning Aerosol has a VIP spot in my product cabinet. My legs haven’t seen sunlight in quite a few months (and hey—UVA/UVB exposure isn’t good for ’em anyway!), so I rely on this amazing spray-on anti-aging product to keep my bare legs looking bronzed and cocktail dress-ready.

To use, just hold the can 4-6 inches from your skin and mist on evenly. You’ll appear instantly sun-kissed and skin will also feel hydrated, since the formula is filled will essential oils, antioxidants and botanicals. The natural-looking tan both goes on and shows up quickly, making it perfect for touch-ups, but the golden hue lasts up to 7 days and works on all skin types and tones. Plus, the product is free of alcohol and propelled by air, so you’re keeping your skin and the environment safe!

So what if it’s November? Go ‘head and show some leg!

$40 (5 oz can), $35 (travel size);

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