Try It Tuesday: Scünci Hair Chalk

The new thing to chalk about!

BY:  | January 15, 2013

Have you always wanted to dye your hair a crazy color, but never had the guts to really go for it? No shame in that; until now, I had that same fear. Luckily, us commitment phobes now have a less permanent option—and it’s a fun and easy: Scünci’s new Hair Chalk!

This thing is quite ah-dorable and trendy! Pop stars like Rhianna, Nicki Manaj, and Christina Aguilera have all chalked up. It is shaped and used like a mini flat iron; simply squeeze and glide the tool downward on your strands. Repeat as many times as you want for a bolder “chalking look.” And voilá, within a matter of minutes, you have a brand-new, and funky ‘do. The kit is available in two different color combinations: neon pink and teal, and neon purple and coral.

I had the opportunity to test out Scünci’s hair chalk, and I vouch that it is as fun as it seems. And now, since I am a well-seasoned chalker, I have some tips that will optimize your chalking experience! First, to keep your color bold and lasting, apply hairspray before you chalk. Second, be gentle when you switching the colors; while you just have to slide the chalk in and out of the tool, the chalk can break if you apply too much pressure. Lastly, I wouldn’t recommend wearing your favorite white shirt while applying, but hey, if anything happens, it will wash off!

Scünci Hair Chalk; $7.99, Walgreens, Duane Reade.

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