Brow Wow

Sharon-Lee is an artist when it comes to arches.

BY:  | February 17, 2012

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting with eyebrow extraordinaire Sharon-Lee while she was in town from Australia.

As a gal mildly obsessed with her brows (I’m on a strict threading routine) I was excited to try Sharon-Lee’s signature service…and absolutely amazed at not only the results, but her instant expertise. Within 30 seconds of ‘reading’ me, she was able to pinpoint that my right arch rests higher than my left; however, my left arch apparently raises/is more expressive (believe me, I’ve been watching this for the past few days!) and that my threading routine has left my brows on the thin side. After her initial assessment, she worked her magic using a wax (that smelled amazing & was not-at-all harsh), her trusty Swarovski-encrusted tweezers and her precise, expert touch. Then, she defined them with her unique, multi-functional brow gel and told me to look in the mirror…the transformation was incredible! My new arches opened up my face and made my sleep-deprived face look awake and refreshed.

Don’t fret in you’re not Down Under. The Australian-based beauty wiz (check her out at will be back stateside this April to work with lucky ladies in NYC and LA.