Celeb Chat: Ashlan Gorse

The E! News correspondent fills us in on her hair & beauty tricks.

BY:  | January 26, 2012

The E! News correspondent fills us in on her hair & beauty tricks.

Q: Do you do your own hair or do you have a personal stylist?

Ashlan: It’s a combo of both.  When I’m at E, I have stylists but when I’m walking a carpet instead of not working it, I do my own styling.

Q: Your hair is rarely in an updo—how come? 

I’m more of a relaxed girl next store and I find it hard to get an updo that’s not stiff.  So I prefer to have it down and movable.  I hate hairspray!
Q: How do you keep your hair healthy with all those heat tools on set?  

Yvonne Brown at Byron Williams is the wizard behind my highlights and I have to protect them.  Since my hair is blow-dried and curled everyday, its really put through the ringer.  I love, love, love Moroccan Oil.  I put it on my ends every day to make sure my hair doesn’t completely break off.  And when I go to the beach, I always wear a hat to protect my face and my hair.
Q: Fave products?

I am using Enjoy Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner which are color safe and better for you.  On the weekends, I let my hair air dry with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  But my one must have is DRY SHAMPOO! Seriously, it saves me.  I wash my hair every other day and since I’m blonde, my roots look dark and my hair is limp on day 2 but dry shampoo makes my hair look like I just got it done.  

Q: How often do you see your stylist/colorist? 

I get highlights and a haircut every 2 months.  But my hair is styled Monday-Friday…which isn’t the best for the health of my hair. 
Q: What’s your typical skincare/makeup routine? 

I try to wear the least amount of make-up on set as possible.  And on the weekends, just like with my hair, I hardly wear anything.  Just mascara and lipstick.

Q: Must-haves?
I use Murad Anti-Aging skin products and especially love the Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes.  My must have foundation is Future Skin by Chantecaille, its 60% water.  And I can’t live without my Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara.  It’s the only mascara that doesn’t flake off and give me raccoon eyes.

 Q: Finally, tell us what’s in your bag?

All three of the above, Nars Orgasm blush, about 20 Mac lipglosses, Mac powder, strip Eye Lashes, Sally Hanson Salon Effects (they are nail polish stickers and perfect for when you are on the go) and Kai Perfume oil.



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