Celeb Chat: Dana Wilkey

The RHOBH star shares her beauty tips.

BY:  | February 10, 2012

The RHOBH star shares her beauty tips. 

Q: How did you get involved with the show?

Dana Wilkey: Taylor and I were friends and I was on Season 1 with her so when they were casting it so seemed natural to try out and see if I might be able to become a reoccurring character.  I remember they asked me why do you think you would be a good Beverly Hills Housewife and I laughed and said “um… because I really am one and I really live the over the top antics on the show every day!”

Q: Do you do your own hair?

DW: I have 2 stylists that do my hair during the TV show and for all formal events I produce and go to: Xavier Coll from the Lea Journo Salon at the Wilshire Beverly Regent is my primary stylist and colorist, when he isn’t available Clariss Rubenstein fills in.  Xavier was referred to me by Elton John’s hair stylist and he’s amazing!  He comes to my house for styling, but color and cut we always do at the salon.  There are always great people there so it’s fun and I love Lea’s products. For casual days, I try to let my hair rest.  I use hair masks and lay off the blow dryer and the curling iron.  I’m not very good at doing my hair to be honest, but I can usually fake a blow dry with a curling iron!  I have so much respect for hairstylists because it is hard to come up with great looks and execute them especially advanced braiding.

Q: Hair: up or down?

DW: I only wear my hair up when I am making a statement. I don’t have a chiseled jaw line so I feel like when my hair is down it makes me look thinner.  I also think wearing length makes me feel sexier.  I always want to touch my hair and mess it up when it’s too styled.

DW. Did you do your own makeup and hair while filming RHOBH or did you have a stylist?

I did not do my own hair my hair stylists did it and my formal makeup is always done by Jessica Mettivier, she is a well known celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles and is very good at what she does.  I met her in Sundance a few years back during one of my premieres.  But when I am not shooting, I don’t wear much make up at all. Just some basic cover up with SPF, subtle blush, lip gloss and light mascara.  I’m a mom after all and I run a company so having more time for makeup than that is impossible to manage plus I find it really hard to know where to put what like most women!

Q: How often do you see your stylist/colorist? Did this change (become more frequent) once filming began? 

DW: I came up with a great cheat for the show so I wouldn’t have to increase my overall color frequency. I have gray hair all in the front of my hair so Xavier and I came up with a trick to keep my hair from getting totally damaged. He thought I was crazy when I first asked him to do it but now he things its very innovative.  We color the front row of my hair from root up really blonde and every 5 weeks so it keeps the gray from showing sooner without having to do the rest of my head.  The roots we do every 5 weeks and highlight every 12 weeks a normal natural dirty blonde in one solid piece.  In the winter I add low lights and in the summer more high lights.  I’ve been a million colors!

Q: Must-have productss?

DW: For my hair–Lea Journo hydrating shampoo and conditioner, Nexxus Heat Protexx Heat protection
Lea Journo intense Hair Hydrating Masque, Lea Journo revive French Plum Oil, L’oreal Ellnet Satin Strong hold hairspray, Lea Journo Volumizing spray.

Face: Smashbox High def healthy FX Foundation and Limitless lip stain and color seal balm, Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Express 9x, Chanel highlighter Face pen, Smashbox clear cheek duo, MAC eyelashes singles, Dermalogica skin care.
Q: Five best beauty tips you learned while being a housewife?

1.      Fake eyelashes are the best beauty addition to any face.

2.      Never go on TV without make up but don’t look like you are wearing a ton of it.

3.      HD makeup is better than regular make up so get it for nights out whether you are on TV or not.

4.      Get a good night sleep.

5.      Touch your upper lip to your bottom teeth and it creates the perfect smile every time especially when you are tired of smiling.


Photo Credits: Hair Xavier Coll for Lea Journo salon at Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Makeup: Jessica Metivier, www.jessicametivier.com.

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