Celeb Chat: Laura Govan

The Basketball Wives: LA star fills us in on life in the limelight…& away...

BY:  | February 7, 2012

The Basketball Wives: LA star fills us in on life in the limelight…& away from it!

Q: What’s a ‘typical’ day like when you’re filming vs. when not filming?
Laura: My days revolve around my family. I wake up, make them breakfast & then get them dressed for school & then I make sure Gilbert is good and has everything he needs. I learned early on how to balance things in life and so it all comes pretty easy to me. I’m a mom, it’s my job!

Q: How did you become involved with the show?
LG: My sister & I (Gloria Govan) came up with the concept of “Basketball Wives: LA” with one of the producers. There are so many different facets to being the counterpart to an NBA player and I felt like we could show something a little different then viewers were already used to seeing.

Q: Do you do your own hair or have a stylist?
LG: Initially when I began filming, I was very candid. My attitude was what you see is what you get and I wanted to keep it real. Looking back on some of the first few episodes, I probably kept it too real (ha!). For the most part I style my own hair. My usual go-to is a quick bun. I keep it simple and cute. I didn’t begin really using a stylist on the show until the very end.

Q: What are the 5 best beauty tips you learned on Basketball Wives?
LG: (1) The way you look “in real life” is always going to come across different on camera. So sometimes less is more. You don’t want that close up shot to show pounds and pounds of make-up caked on your face. That’s not hot. (2) Speaking of “less is more”, I learned that toning it down is usually the best route. Don’t underestimate the power of smiling/laughing. You can be bare faced, hair messed up with horrible clothes but if you have a nice smile and fun spirit, it’ll carry you. (3) Perfume. When you smell great, you feel great! The right scent can change your life! (laughing) (4) Comfortable shoes. I love my 5 ½ inch heels like the next girl but sometimes we’d film for 5 hours straight and so after about the first hour you’re ready to cut your feet off at the ankles. There’s nothing sexy with looking like you have to fart because your feet are in so much pain.

Q: Must-haves?
LG: QWater, shampoo & conditioner–just kidding! Although that’s true, I’d say Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser & a good pair of Spanx.

Q: How do you keep your hair and skin healthy with filming?
LG: To be honest, I don’t do anything extra or fancy. Aside from never sleeping with make-up on, I just drink a lot of water and wash my face with soap every morning and night.

Q: What’s your skincare/makeup routine?
LG: I don’t wear make-up on most days. I’m a stay-at-home mom and so I don’t really see the need to beat my face every day. Usually the most I do is exfoliate and moisturize. However, when I’m on set and I have a make-up artist with me, I love to be creative! From a nice smoky eye to lashes and lipsticks, I’m a canvas. Since the first episode of the show I’ve lost over 80lbs and surprisingly it wasn’t hard to do. I came up with a 12 minute workout that’s tailored for the working moms and the moms who are constantly on the go. I’m going to be releasing a DVD illustrating the program in early 2012, so keep an eye out for that.


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