Edgy in an Instant!

Want to add edge to your short, smooth strands...in a flash? Try these ...

BY:  | October 26, 2011

Want to add edge to your short, smooth strands…in a flash? Try these  tips from Theadora Guzman of Yarok Hair Products.

What You’ll Need:

Feed Your Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner
Feed Your Roots Mousse
Feed Your Hold Hairspray
Round Brush (optional)


While the hair is wet spray Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner. This is VERY IMPORTANT to protect your hair from heat.
Apply a golf ball size of Feed Your Roots Mousse to the roots of your hair and spread throughout the rest of the hair.
Flip your head upside down and finger comb your hair while you blowdry. The Feed Your Roots Mousse and the finger combing motion will created the textured look of the hairstyle. If desired, use a round brush in the fringe area to swoop the hair off to the side. Do this by sectioning the fringe area of hair and placing the hair brush at the roots. Use the dryer on medium heat and high speed. Point the air of the blowdryer down and move the brush in the direction you want the hair to go.
To finish, spray Feed Your Hold Hairspray 8-12 inches from the hair.