Thurs Tip: Bangs Bootcamp

Go ahead & flaunt your fringe with these helpful styling hints!

BY:  | May 10, 2012

If you’re anything like me, the downside of having bangs is that by the end of the day, they’re a greasy, frizzy disaster! So, I asked celeb stylist Louise O’Connor (she’s worked with Olivia Munn, Whitney Port & owns the OC61 Salon) to help me (and you!) out with some pro tricks.

*Using the right product to eliminate frizz (try: Black 15in1 Miracle Treatment) and keep bangs shiny and healthy-looking is key.

*Drying bangs immediately when hair is wet is very important. Any air-drying will create kinks and frizz & they won’t look smooth and polished.

*When they’re wet, flatten them and dry them downward.

Guess what? She’s right! This morning I spritzed my hair with Black 15in1 Miracle Treatment ( and blew it out using the Wet Brush seen here (…and 6 hours later, my bangs (which normally look disheveled by now) are still grease- and frizz-free!