Tues Tip: Brow Know-How

Lily Collins' sculpted brows are totally on-trend this season.

BY:  | April 3, 2012

Did you catch Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror this weekend? The Snow White stunner (& music superstar Phil Collins’ daughter) is the perfect model for Spring’s bold brow trend. Hibba Kapil, owner of HibbaNYC , shares her pro tips on how to rock a beautifully sculpted statement brow.

Get the Look:

  • Don’t tweeze the top and end of the brows.
  • Follow these 3 rules: fill, fix, blend.
  • Take a pencil one shade lighter than your brows and fill the entire brow using back to front strokes so the colors gets on the body of the hair. This ensures a more natural look.
  • Then, fill the front to make a straight square. Fill any other extra thin spots or bald spots with matching brow powder.
  • Blend with brow brush until it looks completely natural.
  • Finally, brush on brow gel in short strokes to diffuse any harsh lines.

Remember: Never put pencil on bald regions. Instead, use brow powder for a long-lasting effect.

Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage.