Flash Color

Make a splash with this fun, eye-catching color treatment.

BY:  | February 8, 2012

Vibrant splashes of color like Lacey Schwimmer’s are looking red-hot as we head into summer. If you’re feeling bold and would like to tap the trend, check out these 3 tips from Pravana’s Artistic Director, Vadre Grigsby.

* Head to your colorist with a photo of your favorite color-streaking style. There’s no better way to tell him or her what you’re going for.

* To choose an accent shade that complements your natural haircolor, determine whether you look better in cool tones (magenta or violet) or warm ones (coppers or golds). “Think about the jewelry you like to wear–if you prefer silver, you most likely have a cool undertone. However, if gold suits you more, your undertone is probably warmer,” says Grigsby.

* To double the life of your flash colors, don’t shampoo every day. Instead, use a dry shampoo like Pravana’s Fresh! on second-day hair.

If you prefer a subtler effect and would like to save time and money by DIY-ing it, our editors suggest a temporary color product that washes out the morning after. TRY: Streekers, $10.95 at select salons and beauty stores, Ulta or streekers.com, or Kevin Murphy Color.Bug, $20, salon locator at kevinmurphy.com.au.


Paul Archuleta/Filmmagic.