Celebrating Spa Week with Emily Giffin!

The best-selling novelist teamed up with Spa Week...and has a new book coming out!

BY:  | April 12, 2012

At this year’s annual Spa Week event, there was an extra-special treat in store for all attendees (and no, we’re not talking about the hand massages or the chocolate fountain…which were both awesome, by the way.) Emily Giffin, the best-selling writer of “Something Borrowed” and other blockbuster novels, helped celebrate Spa Week by giving away and signing copies of her newest book “Where We Belong”, which hits shelves July 24th. You can even enter to win her hand-picked gift package, which includes some of her favorite beauty products, her complete library and other fun things!

Not only was Emily super-sweet to everyone (including her 2 biggest fans, Brooke and Crystal of Celebrity Hairstyles), but she looked fabulous—partly in thanks to her freshly highlighted hair! Right before the event, Emily tweeted that she stopped in at the Louis Licari salon for a root touch-up. (We were sure to let her know how great her hair looked!)