No More Hat Hair!

Tress-expert Philip B. dishes 6 fab tips for nixing hat hair this winter season.

BY:  | December 13, 2012

Keeping your head warm this winter doesn’t have to come at the expense of flat, static-y hair. Here, Hollywood’s hair treatment expert Philip B. offers 6 foolproof tips for preventing (and fixing) hat hair over the holidays, so your ‘do will still look gorgeous when you get to the party.

1. Your hair should be completely dry, cool (not still warm from the blowdryer) and fluffed before you put on your hat. Otherwise, your hair could end up glued to your head or with an unattractive wrap-around kink from the hatband.

2. Make sure your hat isn’t too snug. If it feels a little roomy on your head, you’re less likely to get that pesky hat hair.

3. If you have long hair and are going for a wavy look, try coiling your hair on top of your head before putting your hat on. As soon as you remove the hat, refresh your roots with dry shampoo (like Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo) and fluff your locks up with your hands.

4. If you have short hair, rough up your locks with your fingertips as soon as you take off your hat. Then, use a pea-size dab of texturizing pomade (like Philip B Oud Royal Perfect Finish Shaping Fiber) to revive and define choppy layers.

5. If you styled your hair super-straight (and want to keep it that way), try parting it in the middle and smoothing it into a low ponytail before pulling your hat on. Re-smooth locks with your hands when you take off the hat and you’ll be good to go!

6. Hair prone to static? Mist a boar-bristle brush with hairspray and run it through your locks. In addition, step up your conditioning treatments to once or twice a week (try: Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil).

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